» » Contouring & Highlighting- Kim Kardashian’s Makeup secret!

Contouring & Highlighting- Kim Kardashian’s Makeup secret!

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Mira nuestra versión de mejor guardado contorno maquillaje secreto de Kim Kardashian y resaltando el uso de nuestra técnica.

Productos y cepillos utilizados:

Sigma F75 para resaltar pincel corrector, base de color claro era de la paleta de la fundación FPK05 Cine Secretos
[1999001. ]

Aplicada cepillo contorno Con Sigma F60, era Fundación oscura paleta de colores de Secretos Cine FPK11. Cepillo F60 Sigma utiliza para mezclar.

Para volver a contornear he usado el kit de Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour, Sigma y utiliza Contour Brush ángulo Sigma F40 y luego un cepillo de mezcla cónico E40.
Cejas: Anastasia Brow Wiz «morena» Ojos: paleta Naked. Labios: NYX megashine brillo «la-la»

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  • 23 Comentarios en 'Contouring & Highlighting- Kim Kardashian’s Makeup secret!'

    • 5 mayo, 2015
      | w h i t e h o r s e s |:

      Let a girl put what she wants her face! If she likes how she looks, none of
      you assholes have a right to say how fake it looks, regardless of wether it
      looks fake or not, this girl is clearly proud of it, so let her put what
      she wants on her face. Personally I wouldn’t EVER wear this much but still,
      she can do what she likes.

    • 5 mayo, 2015
      Mouhcina Begum:

      Am i the only one who see’s a penis on her nose? She pretty though, really
      pretty with and without penis 

    • 5 mayo, 2015
      Jalen Hernandez:

      I don’t like the sound that she makes when she talks and you can hear her
      mouth moving ew cringe.

    • 5 mayo, 2015

      Am I seriously the only person that realized that she made a DICK on this
      woman’s nose?

    • 5 mayo, 2015
      khawla kaw:

      i’d prefer the before look way better than the after one !

    • 5 mayo, 2015
      Ines Abomnes:


    • 5 mayo, 2015
      Emily Enzo:

      The making of Japanese geisha 

    • 5 mayo, 2015
      ShAnZa NaAz:

      Sorry but I think this is bullshit and a waste of time. The final result is
      ok but not that great to justify all this effort. 

    • 5 mayo, 2015

      guys: eww, she’s ugly
      guys: eww, she has on makeup she looks like a clown

      either way if she thinks she looks good she looks good. she’s not putting
      this on for you anyway, so why the fuck do you get a say on if she looks
      good or not. no human is naturally flawless so so either deal with the
      makeup or deal with her natural face. unless you want to pay for her
      plastic surgery that she probably doesn’t want or need, STFU

    • 5 mayo, 2015
      Gigi Bellia:

      yeah ok, let me get right on that!

    • 5 mayo, 2015
      SwS&PtV lover:

      hate to break it to the guys…girls don’t wear makeup for you. awwww poor
      baby’s realizing the world doesn’t revolve around men….and most of them
      wonder why their single…..

    • 5 mayo, 2015
      Pinky Market:

      Buat yang mau belajar make up sendiri, kayanya aga ribet dan lama ya hihihi

    • 5 mayo, 2015
      Linette Guiliani:

      Hi, I like the video, very informative, however I have a question. For
      special events like a wedding, usually you have to kiss and hug throughout
      the event. How does one control clothing stains. Sometimes with make up on
      one can damage or stains other people clothes and is frustrating. Thanks, I
      hope you can reply to me. 

    • 5 mayo, 2015
      Ashley Rodriguez:

      I thought this was a video making fun of Kim kardashian

    • 5 mayo, 2015
      Karry Gardner:

      That was soooo clever – I really wish I had the time and talent to do this
      !!! Putting on makeup is FUN – its like being an artist – an artist who
      creates a lovely new canvas to work on every day – the snide and nasty
      comments are uncalled for – totally uncalled for and the presenter did say
      this was make up for a special occasion not for every day use – its
      personal choice – stop being horrid to people just because their personal
      choice isn’t yours . I thought it was clever – and I assume make up
      artists like this are in high demand for TV and film work – so , if you
      hate it, want to make mean comments about , why not just stop watching TV ,
      films and social media ? Vote with your feet and ignore make up – but less
      of the being nasty for the sake of it eh ? 

    • 5 mayo, 2015
      Fabiola zazueta sandoval:

      Well I don’t have time to put that much make up…

    • 5 mayo, 2015
      Chelsea Adorno:

      Applying the technique its one thing… Doing it the way kim does it looks
      weird on her cause her chin is very pronounced and her cheekbones are
      rounded. The result was giving an even more rounder cheek and more
      pronounced chin… The contouring has to depend on the shape of the face,
      not the way it is usually done on someone with a heartshaped face for

    • 5 mayo, 2015
      Alice Alice:

      The model is gorg!

    • 5 mayo, 2015

      I find it totally ugly and stupid , why a lot of girls whant look like Kim
      k ? She is humain like every one . Stay yourself , and accept , you are
      born like this
      and you can’t change it , be you be different is the best thing you have to
      do . sorry for my english mistaks .

    • 5 mayo, 2015
      Angel Marion:

      When she used the nose contouring thing it msde her nose looks hugee

    • 5 mayo, 2015
      nadia faith:

      Loved your video very easy explained! Thanx a lot! One question, does
      contouring cover dark circles?? 

    • 5 mayo, 2015
      patrick stump:

      the best part was when she was singing sugar were going down 

    • 5 mayo, 2015

      she looked more pretty before all those makeup.

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